What You Need to Know about LED Grow Lights

Color temperature and lumens of plant lights

The color temperature and lumens of a plant light are seen by the human eye, while the photosynthesis of light by plants does not depend on color temperature and lumens.

The effect of spectral range on growth

280 ~ 315nm: Minimal effect on morphology and physiological processes

PPF(Photosynthetic Photon Flux)

PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) is the number of micromoles of photons per second, in umol/s, radiated by artificial light sources in the wavelength range of 400–700 nm. PPF values are measured both for the total value of the lamps and for the components at 100 nm intervals. This is because it is necessary to obtain both the total PPF of the luminaire and to know the components of the different wavelengths, that is, the light recipe; it can only be measured with an integrating sphere specifically designed to test grow lights.

Far-red (700–800nm) PF

The PF values for far red (700–800nm) are listed separately. This is because far red is outside the photosynthetically effective radiation range and cannot be characterized by PPF. In particular, luminaires with far-red PF greater than 5% need to calculate the PF maintenance rate for far-red for reporting purposes.

PPE (photosynthetic photon efficiency)

PPE (photosynthetic photon efficiency) greater than 1.9umol/J, with a minimum limit of 1.8umol/J. Like the luminous efficacy of lamps for lighting, the same minimum luminous efficacy is set for plant lighting.

PPF maintenance rate

PPF maintenance rate Q90 is greater than 36,000 hours. This is the life expectancy standard for plant lighting fixtures.

PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density)

PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) corresponds to the PPF is the number of micromoles per square meter per second radiated from the light source, in umol/m2s, the concept of density.

YPFD: Yield Photon Flux Density (YieldPhotonFluxDensity)

Corresponding to YPF is the number of micromoles of radiation per square meter per second, in umol/m2s, the concept of density.



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